Old traditions in sync with changing standards


This dairy farm has been run by the same family for several generations. On this day, the farm holds 160 cows who provide the farm with the most fresh milk. This milk is being used to produce the well-known cheese according the old Dutch traditions.

It is the family’s number one priority to keep their cows healthy and fit. The extra care that the cows are treated with result in a very successful performance of this dairy farm. Several cows have produced over 100.000 liters of milk in their lives! In addition, the milking process is carried out in sync with high standards of hygiene.  

The farm will open its doors especially for participants of this conference. As a participant of this visit, you will have the opportunity to learn about old Dutch cheese making traditions as well as food safety criteria that are important in this process. The good health of the livestock kept by this farm is crucial to its successful performance, which is why animal health will a central theme during this visit. And just when you thought things could not get any better, participants can have a taste of the cheeses produced by this farm.