Forming a bridge between science and public awareness


Micropia, the only museum of microbes is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It adds an important new chapter to our tradition of collecting, displaying and experiencing the natural world. It is impossible to fully understand the interconnectivity of the natural world without knowledge of the most powerful, most successful and, at the same time, smallest organisms. Microbiology can help solve global problems, from water purification to developing new ways to cure infectious diseases. It can produce energy, food and bio-plastics. There is no end to its uses.

Micropia wants to inspire the general public, encouraging their interest in the smallest, most successful organisms from an early age. Micropia is not just a museum, but also functions as a platform, a link between ordinary people and science.  

Especially for participants of this conference, Micropia has organized a visit in light of AMR. The Director of the museum will be present with several laboratory specialists, to elaborate on the existence of antimicrobial resistance. One thing is sure: after visiting Micropia, you will never see yourself, or the world, in the same way again.