Sustainable Antibiotic Manufacturing:  An Opportunity to Strengthen the One Health Approach


As a leading manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms, Centrient Pharmaceuticals is strongly committed to the fight against antimicrobial resistance, which is one of the biggest threats to global public health today.

Antibiotic manufacturers, prescribers, buyers and regulators can minimize the damaging effects of antibiotic residues that reach the environment. Collaboration is needed across the antibiotic value chain to ensure sustainable and responsible production and sourcing.

You are welcome for a public-private dialogue on the issue of manufacturing and what the role is of various players along the value chain. In addition, with a visit to Centrient’s production facility in the old city of Delft, the delegates will have the opportunity to have a peak at our 7-ADCA production facility, which is the key intermediate for the production of cephalosporins Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and our wastewater treatment facility.